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101 poems of advice, chronology, the city, day and night, death, drink, imagination, love, melancholy, metaphysics, nature, poetry, the seasons, time, war, and women.

Poet Biographies
Edmund Spenser, John Donne, Ovid, Ezra Pound, John Milton, Sappho, Lewis Carroll, John Keats, William Blake, Christina Rosetti, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Robert Burns, William Shakespeare, Horace, Lord Byron, Catullus, Geoffrey Chaucer, Alfred Lord Tennyson and more.

Criticism and Commentary on the Poets
Tennyson, Shelley, Byron, Horace, Pope, Blake etc

concerning the human soul, advice on how to live, and the city.

Homer: The Odyssey
The complete text of the Odyssey in the translation by T.E.Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) with online notes and maps.

CÚsar de Saussure: Letters from London  
Notes on Letters from London by CÚsar de Saussure (1705 - 1783), mainly covering the period from 1725 to 1730, and dealing with, among other things, football, cricket, the opera, pantomimes, Thames etiquette, debtors, false witnesses, the judicial process, horse races, gladiatorial contests, prize fights, cock fighting, highwaymen, footpads, pickpockets, the Gazettes, Quakers, Jews, Non-Conformists, Presbyterians, coffee-houses, hackney carriages, boatmen, porters, roads, sedan chairs, Customs officials, insurance, gin shops, eating houses and the water supply system. 

Engraved Views of London  
A collection of engravings showing views of London, mainly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with some commentary.

The Photography of Jim Riegel: Vic Eating Cabbage
The nude as a human being

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